My How to Become a Writer in 21 Days Experiment: Oh, I changed the rules.

Posted on Dec 12, 2011

I can change the rules. It is my experiment after all.

In fact, I don’t even have to keep doing the experiment if I don’t want to… do I?

I see two points of view on this, so far.

The first point of view, which feels ego-based to me is this:

I said I was going to do it. Thus, no matter what, I better do it. Or else. Or else what? Of course, the ego never properly answers that question, it simply directs you to whatever may be the worst case scenario at the moment. Rather charming, isn’t it? It doesn’t matter to the ego if the “it” I agreed to is relevant any more. It doesn’t matter if I’ve thought of something even better. No, the ego is completely unconcerned with things that may create a better outcome. It’s laser-focused on keeping me small and wrong. No matter the situation. Sneaky bugger.

The second point of view, which feels more like a supportive, expanded consciousness goes like this:

Well, I’ll be damned! You clever kitten, you’ve grown beyond that original idea! You’ve hatched an even more balanced and aligned idea. Good for you! I’m so happy to see that you are not limiting yourself, forcing an idea to remain trapped… certain. (Because as we all know, there is very little freedom to be found in certainty.) I like that you’re willing to expand the idea, open it to other thought, other concepts. Rigidity does not serve the soul. Let yourself be in flow and see what comes. I’m happy for you.

Oh, wait a second… There’s another voice creeping in here.

She tells me to be practical. She asks me to consider why I’m changing the rules. Is it because of laziness? Because I’ve already botched it up? Is it because I’m finding it to be a difficult task? Or, is it truly because I’ve come up with something better. And then, she asks me to define what I mean by better. Better for whom? She wonders what the end result will be. She asks if I’m shooting myself in the foot. She isn’t nearly as snarly as that first, ego-based voice. But there’s suspicion in her undertone, and she’s just a bit cutting. I imagine she’d have a stream of sarcasm if provoked. Hmmm. She seems very against making quick decisions. I don’t think I like her.

Hey, I have an idea! For fun, let’s consult my Oracle book. It’s by Georgia Routsis Savas and it’s called ‘The Oracle Book: Answers to Life’s Questions.”

My question is:

Is it in my highest interest to change my “Become a Writer in 21 Days” Experiment from this:

one piece of writing of at least 500 words, every single day for 21 consecutive days

to this:

one inspiring post, every single day for 21 consecutive days

Okay, here we go. The moment of truth. Thumbing the oracle pages…. … . . . . . . . . . . .. .. . .   ..  . . . .    . . . .   . . . .   . . .  .

Oracle Book

Oh.. hang on. One more second. Don’t I need to clarify the purpose of the experiment? The experiment was created to help me feel like I really am a writer. It’s this thing we un-writers grapple with. We don’t seem to believe—no matter how prolific or published we may be—that we are in fact entitled to be called a Writer. I hoped that by writing consistently and seeing the results (words on ‘paper’) that I’d be more inclined to believe I was a writer. However, if all writers are plagued by this, then what’s the point of trying to ‘prove’ it to myself? Wouldn’t I be better off accepting that I may never feel ‘official’ and instead just keep going anyway. Just keep writing…. I see the answer beginning to crystallize.

BUT! Consulting the oracle is still fun, so let’s do it anyway. Here we go. . . . . . . . . . .

The oracle says:

A roll of twelve means an indisputable yes.

Ah ha! I love it. There’s the answer, both my crystallizing one and the oracle are in agreement. Very excellent, indeed.

There we have it then, the experiment, Become a Writer in 21 Days, is officially augmented. As I see it, for a post to be inspiring it can take any number of forms. It could be writing, short or long. It could be photos. It could be a video. All I need to do is remember why I love to ‘write’ (whatever I write). And that ‘why’ is to see the sparkle of inspiration…&…emotion…in the reader’s eyes.

I love the possibility that somehow what I express helps someone else to unmask their own expression.

Here’s to expressing!

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