Infested by Spiders

Posted on Dec 30, 2011


They’re coming from all over the place. They’ve found my website and are crawling around everywhere.

I’m talking about the little autobot spider things that cull the web. Supposedly it’s a good thing for Google to have ‘indexed’ your pages – it means others can find you easier. You show up on search engines. But it also means the spammers can find you too.

These creepy crawlers are now flooding me with spam comments. By the dozens. Oh, yippee. Another onslaught of messages to weed through. As if offerings for penis enlargement pills in my email weren’t charming enough. Yes, I said penis. And no I cannot keep a straight face.

The point here is that if you were a real person and I deleted your comment, I’m sorry. Perhaps in the future you might consider not loading the comment with typos and perhaps avoid telling me my post was elucid (?) and ‘just right on’ and ‘the best infomtion on this importance topic.’

Good Lord.

Welcome, spiders. I’m happy to have you, but why’d you have to tell all your pesky friends?

P.S. I would happily receive any wisdom on how to curb this spammy action :)

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