Chakra Update: Less Screwed. Hooray!

Posted on Jan 5, 2012

Back to my super natural chiropractor I went. A month or so ago she helped me clearly identify some screwed-up-ness which was mostly to do with my solar plexus chakra. That’s the “yellow one” at the centre, that place in your very core where the puke feeling flares up. It’s also called your power centre or the second chakra.

Chakra systemWhatever it’s called, it seems to be the seat of one’s personal power, self-worth and confidence. And I was completely avoiding it. I had been ignoring the little yellow ball in my core that was calling out to me to be more of who I am, asking me to stand in my power and value myself unconditionally. Ugh.

What’s doubly curious about this whole solar plexus chakra thing is that as I write this (literally!) I am keeled over with a sour gut. It feels rotten and is turning, hot and I’m compelled to curl into a wee fetal ball. My knees are up (making it tricky to type effectively) and I just want to burp it all away.

I find myself in a yellow t-shirt today and sniffing lemongrass essential oil. Hmmpf. I’m also palming a yellow jasper crystal.

When I look at all these things lined up in a row (like little yellow ducks) I can’t help but believe I’m doing a solar plexus chakra reset at this very moment. Sure, I started feeling a sour tummy yesterday, but we’re in high gear now. I’m gonna go with it.

Yep, I’m resetting my solar plexus. Is it, after all, a brand new year.


Back to my chiropractor visit. (Pun!)

“You’re looking good,” she tells me, as she eyeballs the space around me (instead of my actual body). “You’ve been doing the white cashmere cloak.”

We had to find a way for me to really embrace wrapping myself in white Light. I oh-so-resonated with calling it ‘wrapping myself in a white cashmere cloak’. So that’s what I’ve been doing: ‘pretending’ to wrap myself in that lovely fuzzy luxurious white cashmere. Hey, whatever works, right?

I told her I had been practicing and I was pleased to report that I was now able to actually sense that glowing sunshine ball of energy nestled in my core.

Over and over I imagined first putting on my white cashmere Light cloak then bringing the Light down from the top, through my centre and landing in the solar plexus ‘ball’. And then I’d pretend to hold it there and see the ‘ball’ getting brighter and brighter, I even saw it start to pulse. Yep, I generated a whole sun, neatly tucked in my core.

She confirmed what I had been imagining. Oh, hell yah, we have progress, people!

On a more subtle level, I seem to be less concerned with others’ opinions of me and in general, I’m feeling more gutsy. (As a reminder, I’m writing about invisible spinning energy vortexes here, people, at risk of receiving the ‘nutbar’ label. But I’m going for it!)

In the spirit of being totally transparent, here’s everything I did, squirrely or otherwise:

  • I think I did the recommended hand mudra maybe a total of three times. Woops.
  • I’ve been sleeping with a brilliant natural citrine point – sometimes in my hand (except its sharp and tends to wound unaware husbands) and sometimes on the edge of the bed or headboard.
  • I lined up two massive quartz points on the floor alongside the edge of my bed to point from the head down to the feet. These suckers weigh a few pounds each and could really take an eye out, hence, their position on the floor.
  • I forgot to purposely wear yellow, except when it just ‘happened.’
  • The drinking-enough-water thing… uh, yah, this one still needs work.
  • I’ve been taking chromatherapy yellow light baths. A few per week. No bubbles.
  • I ran the aromatherapy nebulizer with lemongrass oil when I remembered, which was not very often. (I really like this, why don’t I do it more??)

For kicks I took the Chakra test again. Since my original results were, uhh, clearly indicative of my wobbly solar plexus, I wondered if having a secret sunshine ball tucked under my ribs would impact the results. It did.

Chakra test results

I sized up the new results, with a (large) grain of salt – actually not plain salt, no, I prefer Maldon Fleur de Sel (flakes of sea salt) – just to be clear – because knowing what you want and like is part of a healthy solar plexus!

We see that while I’ve still got the same trend going on—a not so robust Root or Navel chakra—I am doing much better overall. Of course, these are very scientific results, LOL. Yipee!

Root chakra was up 31 points, the sacral was also up 31 points, and the Navel/Solar Plexus rocketed up 50 points. Whoo!

If you want to do your own test, it can be found here at EclecticEnergies. Just remember the salt.

Moral of the story? It’s blazingly obvious that imagining a sunshine ball in my belly was a good idea. Now, to address that floppy Root chakra of mine… If the yellow solar plexus is about a sunshine ball, then is the root chakra about red hot fire in the crotch? Uhh… hmmmm…

Images via Photo-dictionary and EclecticEnergies.

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