Tripping into Ecstacy.

Posted on Apr 10, 2012

Are my eyes glazed over?  I quietly wonder to myself (or, wait a sec, am I talking out loud?).

Everything looks so pretty. The colours are sublime. If I look at something long enough I begin to notice colours that weren’t even there a few moments ago…

I. Am. So. Happy.

I smile at my plant. I tell her how beautiful she is. Out loud.

I feel light-headed, but not dizzy. I’m not exactly sure where my body ends and the chair I’m sitting on begins… And I puzzle over the idea that perhaps the chair and I are not, in fact, separate at all.

The plant looks so juicy and fresh. I want to bite it and hear a crisp snap. Except, then someone will have bitten my plant and I really love her and want her to stay… please stay… forever.

I have dropped into euphoria (…or floated up into it?). Everything in my world is perfect. There is no future and no past. It’s just me and my hyacinth.

Yes, I am in a full-swing hyacinth-induced state of bliss. No little pills needed. Just one deep inhale of the intoxicating fragrance and I’m off to the moon.

What the hell is IN these things?

And what better discovery than a perfectly glossy ladybug hiding amid the slender leaves?


Ladybug on white hyacinth original image by Glamorous Monk

Potted plant image via GAP Garden. Ladybug on hyacinth: original Glamorous Monk image.

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