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Posted on Apr 24, 2012

Sherold BarrA most charming invitation arrived a few weeks ago… The very lovely Sherold Barr asked if I would write a guest post for her blog at www.SheroldBarr.com. I blushed. Of course, I would be delighted.

The reason I blushed is because she is really fricking awesome. Some of Sherold’s story clipped from her website:

As a Master Life Coach + Freedom Fighter, I’ve taken my background as a multi-ambitious entrepreneur — in marketing, communications, Fortune 500 consulting + real estate — and synthesized it with hundreds of hours (and thousands of dollars) of personal development + empowerment training. I’ve studied the art of self-inquiry at The Institute for The Work of Byron Katie, rocked my online business mojo with marketing gurus Seth Godin and Marie Forleo, and was personally mentored by Oprah’s life coach of choice, Martha Beck.

You see? Exactly. She has super powers (just like the rest of us do, but she actually knows what hers are!).

I wrote the post.

… and I bashed my head on the table (repeatedly) trying to come up with a clever, descriptive, short, SEO-friendly and inspiring title. Jeez, Louise!

Here’s the post at Sherold’s blog: Tele Work & Travel: How do you Find Yourself without Losing Your Clients?

{or http://sheroldbarr.com/2012/04/17/tele-work-travel-how-do-you-find-yourself-without-losing-your-clients/}

I invite you to read, ponder, comment and ‘like’ it.

. . .

Writing in France, image by Glamorous Monk

And if you want to know the backstory on why her gracious invitation was extended to me here’s the unfolding:

  1. I have a middle of the night crisis about ‘What should I do with my Life?’ Go to France?
  2. I report the plan to go to France stuff to Sherold Barr in a random comment on her blog.
  3. I go to France. There, I eat toast and witness miracles.
  4. And without knowing what the hell I was doing, I slip into Wordlessness (as recommended by Martha Beck). I remember more of who I am, at last.
  5. While still in France, I report this good news to Sherold. She is happy about it too.
  6. Voila! A guest post is manifested: Tele Work & Travel: How do you Find Yourself without Losing Your Clients?

And there we have it. After nearly two months in France, I am back in Canada. I kept my clients and found more of myself.

I highly recommend such shenanigans. (I’d love to hear your stories too!)

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  1. Sherold Barr
    May 31, 2012

    Hollie – I am flattered by this post here and want you to know that your blog was a bit hit on my site. More people want to live an extraordinary life and break out of the mold of ordinary. What you manifested struck a cord so I suggest that you keep manifesting and follow your body’s guidance and notice the synchronicity that begins to happen. This is following your North Star so to speak. Keep following it and keep me posted. I love this.

    • Hollie Olivia
      May 31, 2012

      Oh, lovely Sherold! You just created a fantastically wise play on words in your comment – the MOLD OF ORDINARY. Moldy, indeed. Blech.

      I’ve got my North Star on radar-lock now and I’m hot on the trail. Keep you posted I shall! Thank you!

      with glittery unicorn gratitude,
      Hollie Olivia