le premier: “French Life” Fridays

Posted on Apr 27, 2012

Seeing how I am obsessed with France and all things French and how I take an excessive amount of photos whilst I’m there… and how I stash away others’ photos into folders and onto Pinboards that have any hint of France to them…

Why not declare Fridays as French Life Fridays? A swell idea, I do say.

Et voilà! There we have it. Bienvenue.

And now for our first installment….. le premier!

Oliviers & Co

Mediterranean Food Merchant

The unmistakable scent of truffle quietly wafted up as she peered into the gift bag. She squealed with anticipation and dove into the paper bag packed with Mediterranean culinary goodies. Truffle salt: divinely coarse and captured in a sweet little glass pot. Heavenly French olive oil. Oh, the delights!

We demanded to know from whence these treasures came. Laurence, the bearer of the gift, looked around the room to see who might be listening… she leaned in close and with a raised eyebrow she spoke ever-so-delicately in her French accent, “From zeh best place,” her eyes darted, keeping a look out, “these come from Oliviers – a shop in Toulouse. I could show you…” her voice trailed off…

Oliviers and Co, France, image by Glamorous Monk

Oliviers and Co store, Toulouse, France image by Glamorous Monk

We found our way to the the Oliviers & Co boutique in Toulouse (photos above) and were greeted by obliging shopkeepers who offered us free tastings of everything our hearts desired (the basil infused olive oil was brilliant). The oh-so-cute store brims with every kind of olive oil one can imagine, beautiful salts (from the sea and otherwise), cheeky vinegars and perfectly packaged gift sets. I wanted everything in the shop, including their wide pine plank floors and baskets filled with treats. Sublime. Go there.

Visit the Oliviers & Co website, online store & boutique locator.

original images © Glamorous Monk

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