The Nameless Book Project Is No Longer So

Posted on Mar 26, 2013

Unedited: A Book Project - Behind-the-scenes Adventures in Writing & Publishing a Book The Project without a name is no longer so. The project is so. But now it has a name. It’s just that we all suck so much that we haven’t told anyone.

Okay, that wasn’t fair, I shouldn’t say that Charity and Mrs. Maxine suck (you can clearly see that for yourselves). The fact is none of us has informed you we have an official name, a URL and even a group blog.

Ha! Oh yes. We’ve been busy hiding very big and important things from you. Never mind that the blog is 100% empty… Details, details! Minor details.

I’ve been told that for certain people who might become easily paralyzed by fear/need for perfection etc etc the trick is to send out your projects when they are about 80% done. Or, essentially, good enough quite good.

For those of us who are supremely delicate in these situations, I’d argue that sending stuff out when it’s at 60% completion is more advisable. Only because we are so persnickety that our (half-ass) work is more awesome than other lame people’s (full-ass) work, so we can just stop at 60%.

Which is why I’m proud to announce that despite the fact that we have not given a moment’s consideration to fonts (critical, in my persnickety view), wordmarks/logos, structure or even content, I am unveiling our group blog for our not nameless anymore book project.

Yep, it’s not anywhere even close to being acceptable in my eyes…. But here goes.

No, really, I’m about to give you the link

Prepare yourselves, folks. Drum roll, please. I am finally willing to just roll with the punches. I’m willing to just get on with it already.


One more quick disclaimer. I didn’t tell fellow book project participants Mrs. Maxine and Charity I was doing this today. Mostly because I didn’t know I was doing this today. They don’t know I am exposing them to the world. Probably they will hate me for a little while. Then, they’ll just have to get on with it too. Bah.

Eeeeek.  Scrunched up face, peeking out one eye to hit the Publish button…. Here goes…. click it up!

Unedited: A Book Project

Behind-the-scenes Adventures in Writing & Publishing a Book


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