There are More Ways Than One.

Posted on May 15, 2013

pocket neighbourhoodSure, one particular way may work very well. Sure, one particular way may be proven. Sure, one particular way may seem easiest, fastest, cheapest or best. All of this may seem true, but the Universe is infinite, and so too must be the ways of achieving an intent.

They used oil lamps to illuminate parlors. But clearly, there is more than that one way to light a room. Don’t tell Thomas Edison and the 23 others before him who all contributed to inventing the light bulb as we know it. No, don’t say to them, “Nah, we already know how to light a room.”

There must be multiple ways to express the same underlying inspiration—more than one way to share a gift of music, more than one way to use one’s mothering instincts, more than one way to shake a stick…

Maybe sometimes it’s better to go in blind, to be clueless, to feel free in your thoughts, unhindered by what was ‘right’ or how it was done in the past.

If we are to evolve, mustn’t we explore new territory, stretch our ideas in every direction, every dimension?

If we have a vision of something (that does not yet appear to exist) mustn’t it—by virtue of the fact we can fathom it—be possible? If we can come up with the question then mustn’t the answer be out there? Isn’t the solution at least somewhere, waiting to be plucked from the ether?

I’m working on a project….. trying to bring something to life that, so far, is just a vision (in my neck of the woods, anyway) and the status quo is impeding the vision. Everybody who sees the vision, loves it…. Yet the structures, systems and rules in place are all choking the birth.

The project/vision I’m working on bringing to fruition is a Pocket Neighbourhood. It’s a way of living, a true sense of home. It’s a different way of arranging smaller homes on a city property, a way that creates community instead of the status quo of fences and ‘this is the line’ and separation. {Get a feel for Pocket Neighbourhoods here.}

pocket neighbourhood

But I’m crashing into outdated real estate models and divisive City policy. It’s not the individual people who are choking the vision, it’s the systems we’ve created.

Our systems and structures don’t allow for flexibility. Our systems are rigid and creativity is their enemy. Our systems are patriarchal. And, our systems are crumbling.

But until they collapse and are replaced anew, how can I bring a pocket neighbourhood to life?

There must be more than one way.


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  1. Debbie
    May 16, 2013

    My inital glance at the first photo mesmerized me! I want to live there my inner voice gushed! Peaceful, tranquil and with a body of water within sight – a safe and inspirational haven. Then I read the thoughts you expessed and my soul cried out once again – there is a way for thoughts to come to fruition, we must not limit ourselves by traditional and expected creativity.

    Wishing you creative and progressive thoughts and encouragement to follow your intuition and that feeling deep inside of your soul!

    Keep in the forefront that there is a reason you have expressed this hearts desire publicly – I truly belive there will be a way – thank you for sharing, I will keep this idea close to me and send loving and encouraging thoughts your way often!

    I have printed the second photo and it now sits in my office at work as a reminder of what you are dreaming and also to remind me of your wise words “There must be more than one way”

    • Hollie Olivia
      May 16, 2013

      Oh Debbie- you gracious, lovely soul! Ah yes, doesn’t the Pocket just feel so good and right? Thank you for reaching out and for bolstering my resolve. Every thread of energy matters.

      Here’s to infinite creativity and expansive thought! ♡

  2. A&E
    May 17, 2013

    I’m quite sure that size doesn’t matter. Perhaps it reflects a commonality of purpose or
    a history that defines a neighbourhood. We do believe that it was a way of life that has, sadly, gone by the wayside.
    It is our sincere hope you can influence it’s revival.

  3. Cass Hepburn
    September 2, 2013

    Does it have to be built in the city?
    We found this amazing property outside of Squamish yesterday. It is 46 acres a functioning farm and conference centre.
    Would make an amazing living, healing space for like-minded souls.


    • Hollie Olivia
      September 2, 2013

      Oh Cass, there are so many ways we could approach it! The version of Pockets I speak of are related to the city – a little ‘pocket’ within a greater community, and being WALKABLE… But there are infinite different ways one could generate connectedness…. 46 acres sounds magical! Let’s investigate! ♡