I’m Canadian. I have brown hair. And I tend to be a bit of a…


From a reflective and introspective angle, I can devour most any topic but tend to favour threads of an interconnected nature. My favourite undercurrents:

  • consciousness
  • green
  • humanitarian
  • metaphysics
  • existentialism
  • self-expression & -realization
  • beauty
  • philosophy

Never taking oneself so seriously as to imply certainty on a topic leaves the door open for further discovery, dumb realizations and jovial discussion. I like these things –most humans do (at least the ones who’ve stuffed their arrogance down into their socks for the moment).

My mother tells me I am (and always have been) forever curious about ‘the story’ around something, whether it’s big ideas, crumbling buildings, people who’ve shaped our history, or even a simple piece of paper (yes! I wonder about these things). I’ve often caught myself marveling: if these walls could talk… oh the stories they’d tell! Such was absolutely the case the night I spent at the Ritz Paris in the Imperial Suite, a national monument which also happens to be last place Princess Diana was before the car crash, and occupying Germans set up command during WWII. Oh, if those walls could talk…


I am plagued by potentials. I don’t see a derelict old house. I see a heritage home with gleaming oak floors and billowing silk curtains with little girls¬†hosting tea parties in the garden and turkey dinner under the crystal chandelier in the dining room (as the fire crackles and warms the family).

Live Life in Technicolor!

I don’t see a book club of three women. I see the foundation for a global humanitarian movement where women are recognized for their greatest potentials and uniquely feminine attributes of nurturing, emotion and meaningful process. And they are seen in full partnership with men. I see a movement empowering not only little girls to learn, read, say and be whatever their heart desires, but also empowering our crones and future grandmothers to step into the fullest expression of their gifts and talents and eccentricities. No, I don’t see a mere book club, I envision the tender sprout of a world where we are all one and we express ourselves and live life in technicolor.

Perhaps this is one of the reason’s I co-founded the United Global Collaborative. That happened in July 2010. It was a lunar eclipse. Perfect. {more on that, later}


Hollie Olivia Whitehead in Prague

...discovering Prague's secrets...

Ooh, if I could time-travel, that’d be super rad. Until then, I settle for airplanes (economy, without food or leg room, usually) that fly me to faraway places. Most strong on my current travel radar is Europe. In a lovely twist of life’s trajectory I’ve gravitated back to the camera lens (one day I’ll share the original camera lens story) and now people tell me that “I lend my personality to a travel entertainment company as a filmed host and Guide on tours of destinations such as Venice and Paris.” Said company is called HermitGuides. ‘Lending one’s personality’ means spending time in a recording studio with earphones, mics and padded walls recording the audio guide. It also means enjoying all the delights of economy flights then losing oneself on the cobbled streets and in the history of a place (while a camera films my travel-induced frustrations and fascinations). The photo with the umbrella is from just such a journey to Prague. {Once I get organized I’ll share with you with some behind the scenes photos of a few HermitGuides tours: filming in Paris; filming in Venice; filming in Prague.}

It’s Curious.

To keep an open, curious mind – that must be the golden ticket (to what, I cannot begin to describe). I’ve noticed I’ve got an outstanding stamina for endless googling on topics like:

  • quantum physics
  • Paris
  • elixirs
  • typography & hand-lettering
  • crystals
  • noetics
  • conscious evolution
  • tea
  • books & paper
  • Great thinkers
  • heritage buildings
  • champagne
  • energy
  • holograms
  • antiques
  • tall paned-glass casement windows with cremone bolts (preferably French)
  • libraries
  • and any place with…you guessed it.. a story.

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The End.

Now, that oughta hold ‘ya, if you were wondering about me. But, admittedly, I am curious about your story…