It’s true.

A manuscript is in the works. Working title: The Glamorous Monk: Is it Possible to Become Free of the Ego While Pole-Dancing and Wearing Louis Vuitton?

As with any epic tale, it’s been a labour of love and continues to both inspire me and drag me down to my lowest lows. No matter what happens, she’s there beside me—my trusty manuscript—slopping up all the juicy life details, never missing a beat.

For those with a more fine-tuned marketing or publishing eye:

The Goods

Statistically difficult to measure but clearly evident in Oprah & Eckhart’s record-breaking ‘Awakening’ webcasts, it’s no secret ever more women are seeking alignment with purpose, but are fearful about integrating new-found Truths into their lives.  The Glamorous Monk proves not only is it possible, but life will fall into place along the way, glamorously.


A surprising combination of taking up pole-dancing, reading Eckhart Tolle and being desperate to speak her own Truth (and wear jewels and high heels in a healthcare job) sparked what began as a year-long experiment of curiosity and ended as a liberating journey of awakening, exposing her deepest vulnerabilities and greatest strengths.

Become a voyeur into the good, bad and ugly soul-shaking moments that come with truly excavating one’s heart. Like no previously published experimental spiritual adventure, this book reveals a year of raw and uncensored journal entries and lessons learned by a young woman who was no longer willing to live a surface life, lacking in purpose, connection and pure joy. Hollie digs deep into her belief structure, at times clawing viciously like the Leo she is, and other times gently dusting off layers of old behaviors as the Universe rose up to meet her in coming to know her own Truth.

This collection of journal entries, wisdom from her guides and teachers, along with practical how-to’s shows women it is possible to awaken without losing touch with their comfortable world. Hollie’s journey proves women can have it all as she recognizes herself as a spiritual Being, tests the ego, aligns with her purpose and yet still enjoys the pleasures of our world such as couture and fantastic shoes. She even discovers the guts to do what makes her feel good, like spinning around a brass pole as the fiery, creative, sexual goddess she truly is.

There are no limits – only those which are self-imposed. Once we open up to our vulnerability, our greatest strength shows itself together with the opportunity to become free of the ego. Every woman has the choice to Be exactly who she truly is – which could very well be a Glamorous Monk!

Market and Book Differentiation

Tailored for women ages 25-40, this book provides an unprecedented level of raw and honest sharing, showing readers the author is genuine, approachable and was just like her. Readers are seeking deeper meaning in life without sacrificing worldly pleasures. Similar books include

  • Elizabeth Gilbert’s Eat, Pray, Love: One woman’s Search for Everything across Italy, India and Indonesia from Penguin Books;
  • Soulfire: the Birth of Wild Aliveness by Brigitte Secard published by the Jodere Group;
  • Eckart Tolle’s A New Earth: Awakening to Your Life’s Purpose through Plume.

More Information

If your curiousity is piqued, contact me. We’ll engage in a damn fine conversation. If we arrange a phone call you can wear pyjama pants and sip a tea of your choice, whilst never so much as considering combing your hair. And I’ll do the same. Or, we could meet up for a Kir Royale champagne cocktail at the Bacchus Lounge while the piano plays and the fire crackles. I’d wear black patent heels for sure. And you?